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Dockominium Lifestyle Without the Hassles of Real Property

Boating enthusiasts have found paradise in the South Carolina dockominium lifestyle. These marinas provide more than just a place to tie up your boat. Dockominiums are vacation destinations that provide "residents" of the marina an opportunity to live and sleep on their boats for extended periods of time by offering bath houses, restaurants and more. These conveniences combined with "feeling at home" on the yacht are convincing many boaters to favor a stay at the marina rather than go to a local hotel.

Similar to owning a condominium, all aspects of common and limited common elements are made available to dockominium owners. Ownership of deep-water dockage is typically in fee simple title with a warranty deed framing ownership of the submerged land and air rights associated with the slip. However, along with that comes the hassle of property ownership.

Myrtle Beach Yacht Club Offers A Membership Alternative

Get the benefits of a dockominium without the hassles of property ownership by purchasing a Yacht Club membership. Purchasing a membership at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club offers the same dockominium opportunity to secure a property resource that is quickly dwindling in supply. Boat owners can acquire a virtually permanent home for their yachts by purchasing a boat slip while investors can earn rental income on their slips from transient boaters.

Myrtle Beach Yacht Cub offers a welcoming atmosphere for you, your family and friends. Like dockominiums, members enjoy a vacation lifestyle - similar to being at a condominium. Amenities at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club include swimming pool, showers and restrooms, laundry facilities, assigned parking, restaurant, ship's stores, nearby car rental, complete fuel dock, and pump-out stations at each slip. And maybe best of all, a friendly marina staff that is always ready to assist with services for you and your yacht.

Find out more about membership at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club.